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Whole-food Plant-based Workshops

Melisa Marie, has helped hundreds of people embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle. She started by first healing herself which you can read about in her “My Story” page.

Melisa is a captivating speaker who runs multiple nutritional programs and workshops all over the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and online, including;

· Community Events

· School Nutrition Programs

· Corporate Events

· Private Events

Get in touch to see how Melisa can bring the energy and vitality back into your school, workplace or friendship group. 

Upcoming Workshops


As an Integrative Health Practitioner Melisa offers whole-food, plant-based catering options such as;

· Retreat catering

· Postnatal packages

· Raw treat catering

· Juice cleanses

· Clean eating meal pack

· Detoxes & Cleanses


Get in touch to see how Melisa can assist you with your catering needs.

Health Coaching

In this moment, my health coaching services are 100% available to those in my Wellness in 12 weeks program, as I wish to support them with all of my available time and energy.

Get in touch if you are interested in working with me outside of my program or check out the WI12W program page to see if it might just be exactly what you need in your life.