Wellness in 12 weeks
Hey Beautiful

Is this program for you?

Wellness in 12 Weeks is designed not just for those beginning their health journey, but also for those who are already living a health-conscious lifestyle, because I truly believe we all have to start somewhere and there are always ways we can keep growing, improving and living our best life!

No matter where you are at with your health and lifestyle, this program is here to support you, guide you and help you to achieve your individual health and wellness goals. 


WI12W is based on the following foundations of wellness;

· W – weight loss
· E – exercise
· L – low tox
· L – loving thy self
· N – nutrition
· E – estrogen
· S – stress
· S – success mindset

And most of all we are all about COMMUNITY, COLLOBORATION AND CONNECTION!!

WI12W is waiting for

Whether you’re ready for a total transformation and to take all the action required to make it happen or want to go at a slower more comfortable pace. I am here to support you in a way that is not only lasting, but individual and tailored to your needs.

We have a beautiful team of health professionals and resources available just for you! Our members benefit from our collective knowledge, experience and education via our online wellness hub, modules, coaching, training and more. With 24/7 access to our community page for constant inspiration, motivation and support along the way, you will truly feel part of a loving and supportive group of individuals.

Living a holistic lifestyle of wellness is truly magical and I have seen countless times the radical transformation it can have on people’s lives and those around them. I am so excited to meet you and cannot wait for you to join us and to see you live your best life!



· 1 on 1 health coaching

· Meal plans and shopping lists

· Supplement recommendations

· Emotional support

· Advice and assistance with low-tox living

· Exercise plans

· Stress reduction techniques

· Toxicity quiz’s + information

· Daily motivation

· Exclusive recipes & eBooks

· Access to our monthly online educational workshops

· Discounted tickets to regular events

· Catering services – detox, clean eating, postnatal, etc

· Ongoing support to answer all your questions and concern


· Understand the importance of your individual relationship with food

· Balance your hormones

· Increase your energy and mood

· Improve digestion and gut microbiome

· Clear brain fog and improve focus and concentration

· Teach you how to cook healthy and delicious meals

· Understand bio-individuality, your unique body type and ways to find a weight that’s perfect for you

· Techniques to manage stress and notice how it affects all areas of your life

· Learn to incorporate self-love and self-care rituals in your day in a way that works for you and your situation

· Develop a successful mindset to help you reach your health goals and to live each day with intention & fulfilment

· Reset your body’s natural rhythms and improve your quality of sleep

· Connect with like-minded individuals who are all passionate about living a lifestyle of wellness

· Learn about low tox solutions and ways to reduce chemicals in your home and life

THE WI12W MEAL PLANS & RECIPES are centred around seasonal plant-based wholefoods with a focus on ayurvedic principles and eating for your unique body type. All our recipes are gluten- free and sugar free with dairy and nut free options as well. We believe in living a predominantly plant- based lifestyle. 80/20 we like to call it, 80% plants, 20% your choice. Some of our plans do contain animal products if they work for you and your unique body and needs. Our focus is to provide you with fresh, vibrant, family friendly, budget conscious meals that are not only easy to prepare but taste absolutely amazing!! You will never be bored again!

Are you ready to join & live your best life?Join the below waiting list today, to have a one-on-one chat with me & find out if we are the perfect match!