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I definitely haven’t always been living my best life. In fact, I would say I’ve lived more of my life out of alignment than in flow. Growing up I was the youngest of four always seeking attention and longing to be doing the things my older brother and sisters were. I remember often feeling sad, hurt, confused, annoyed and angered by life. I would talk to angels and imagine living a life just like my favourite movie characters. I even recall at an early age buying books for myself such as The Secret and the Dalai Lama, fascinated and intrigued by what I was reading.

In my early twenties my now husband and I separated for a period of time and I let go of my core values following social norms of consuming excess alcohol, drugs, clubbing, working jobs that didn’t excite me, bad food choices – because eating is cheating in the drinking world, poor sleep patterns and totally neglecting my body and its needs. I recall being underweight with constant pain in my stomach not knowing what to do. Gratefully my husband and I quickly realised we were destined to be together and life began to flow with a whole lot more ease and grace.

Over the years I have experienced many health issues from debilitating back pain and scoliosis to constipation, IBS, diarrhoea, candida, parasites, low gut flora, mercury and lead toxicity, eczema, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxic root canals, bacterial overgrowths and more. Like many I followed the conventional pathway of doctors taking antibiotics, using steroid creams, pain killers and more, none of which fixed the underlying root cause, leaving me frustrated and searching for something more.

I always have had an interest and love for healthier foods and been drawn to a more natural way of living, a slower pace of life and being free within nature. This led me to becoming my own guinea pig trialling countless healing modalities in an effort to heal my own symptoms and to finally help me to live the life I truly desired. One filled with energy, confidence, vitality and wellness. Over the years I have experimented with many diets some probably considered rather extreme from fruitarian, to raw, vegan, the starch solution, ayurvedic, paleo, keto, gaps, FODMAP and medical medium. 

Even at one point turning totally carnivorous after being plant-based for 10 years. Yes, I know! Nowadays while I am predominantly plant based, I find balance with a strong pull toward ayurvedic nutrition and health as for me this truly aligns and suits my body. It is about finding what works for you and nourishes your beautiful body allowing you to live a life of true wellness.

The most profound part of my healing journey aside from nutrition and learning to unlearn everything I had been taught and instead embody a more balanced approach to food has definitely been addressing not just the physical symptoms, but the emotions surrounding them. I had a deep knowing within me that some of what I was experiencing was not in fact my own, but trauma passed down through both generations within my family. Working with a GEM (generational emotional mapping) therapist and essential oils I was finally able to shift not just the emotions, but the physical symptoms that I had struggled with for so long. I truly believe that emotions play such a pivotal role in our health and can often manifest into physical symptoms. This experience definitely deepened my love for essential oils and fuelled my passion for sharing their healing abilities.

My journey to wellness led me to know deep in my heart that I wanted to be of service and to help others to do the same. Truly passionate about low tox living, ayurvedic and integrative functional medicine I furthered my studies and became a qualified Integrative Health Practitioner with Dr Stephen Cabral.

Today I live everyday with intention with my heart full and I feel more aligned and focussed in my direction than ever before. Of course, there are still times of contrast and challenges to work through, but I have an unwavering faith that my future, career and lifestyle has been tailor made for me and a part of that is helping YOU to also live your best life!!

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to live your happiest, healthiest and most inspired life?