Chickpea Cookies


While in high school, my school canteen would make freshly baked chocolate chip cookies every morning. Walking in the school gates the smell of them baking would hook line and sinker you in. My friend circle would all buy them daily, they were so warm, soft, gooey and insanely delicious. We would also wash them down with a cold carton of dairy milk. They were heaven to taste…. BUT no doubt full of refined wheat, refined sugar, dairy, unhealthy fats, salt & hopefully that’s all. Not exactly brain food to be fuelling your body for breakfast in your last years of school.⁣

Today when I make cookies they are definitely not a breakfast food in our house but a sometimes food for weekends/special occasions etc. ⁣

Our current fav recipe below… ⁣

*1 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas. * 1/4 cup sunflower seed butter. * 2 tbsp almond milk. * 2 tsp coconut sugar. * 1 tsp cinnamon. * 1 tsp vanilla. * 1/4 tsp salt. * 1 tsp baking powder. * 4 tbsp dairy free dark choc chips. Combine all in food processor, except choc chips. Stir in choc chips. Roll into balls & bake in oven 180c for 10 mins. ⁣

Best eaten same day or frozen. x