About Me
Hi, Beautiful

About Me

It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Melisa, a wife, Mumma, sister, manifesting generator, energy type 1 and a self-confessed extrovert. I am a lover and mentor of essential oils, a qualified Integrative Health Practitioner and a whole-food, plant-based food educator who absolutely loves creating recipes and cooking for others. Which is no surprise given my ayurvedic constitution is vata.

As a free spirit I let my heart lead and my intuition guide me forward. I have a thirst for new experiences, adventure, fun and broader horizons. I’m superbly optimistic, with a healthy self-esteem and confidence, always choosing to look at life from the sunny side and love immersing myself in energy healing, mindful movement, spirituality, minimalism and low tox living.

I am truly passionate about supporting and guiding others to create their healthiest, happiest and most inspired life! I want you to find wellness as a ‘whole’ person, not just a quick fix to the symptoms you may be experiencing. For you to feel supported and guided, to find balance and harmony in your life and for you to reach your health and wellness goals whatever they may be. I want you to have your dream life and cannot wait to support you on your journey!

I truly believe we all have the power and ability to heal our      own bodies.

Through tuning into the messages and symptoms our bodies deliver us.

If we are dedicated and willing to participate in our own healing, it is truly possible to live the life we were meant to live.