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Melisa Marie
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Wellness In 12 Weeks

Wellness in 12 weeks, also known as WI12W is an online health program specifically designed and developed to teach you the tools and steps to not only create, but to truly embody and live a life of complete wellness.

When it comes to living your best life, it isn’t just about nutrition or exercise, but about taking small steps in multiple areas to create long lasting and immersive change. You might be eating the cleanest diet, yet emotionally struggling and vibrating at a low frequency, or equally exercising consistently but going to bed late and not allowing your body to truly rest.

To truly feel your best, to find wellness and to live the life you have always dreamed of its important to focus on all aspects from nutrition, to exercise, emotions and spiritual health, in essence the body as a whole.


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It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Melisa, a wife, mumma, sister, manifesting generator and a self-confessed extrovert. I am a lover and mentor of essential oils, a qualified Integrative Health Practitioner and a whole-food, plant-based food educator who absolutely loves creating recipes and cooking for others. Which is no surprise given my ayurvedic constitution is Vata.

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My desire is to help all women to come home to themselves, to find self-love and appreciation, and to learn new ways to truly nurture and nourish their mind, body and spirit.

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